Two-tier modular cage for rabbits and guinea pigs. Accessories included.


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Two-story modular habitat for small animals
Suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs, ideal for still housing several specimens together
Very spacious and comfortable
Patented design
Accessories included: 600 cc water trough, hay rack, rest house, plastic ladder, 0.3 L food bowl
Lower and upper floor connected by a plastic ladder
Sliding door, to let the animal out and with security lock
Roof can be opened for easy access and completely removable
Liftable and removable side for maintenance operations
Solid and robust. It consists of several painted metal mesh panels with plastic base and walls, connection clips
Easy to assemble, requires no special tools for assembly
Tray designed to hold dirt and litter
made of iron and recycled plastic
It can be extended using special extension kits


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